OEM production of NNAL6/101.6 Q4/C5W33XYA2 bearing, NNAL6/101.6 Q4/C5W33XYA2 specifications and parameters

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NNAL6/101.6 Q4/C5W33XYA2 bearing, ID:101.6mm,OD:171.45mm, Width:133.35mm,Bearing Type: Mud pump bearings. The parameters shown in the bearings chart are all accurate parameters. Our company can provide customers with various bearing technical services, and provide them with options and the best applications and solutions.

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Bearing Type


Mud pump bearings
Bearing Nº Model NNAL6/101.6 Q4/C5W33XYA2
Principal dimensions (d) [mm] 101.6
(D) [mm] 171.45
(W) [mm] 133.35
Basic load rating Dynamic load (C) [kN] 589
Static load (Co) [kN] 1360
Weight (Mass) [kg] 13.5


NNAL6/101.6 Q4/C5W33XYA2 bearing, It is specifically design to be used in the four primary mud pump application positions, such as pinion and crankshaft, Crosshead or wrist pin, oil and gas drilling operations.

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